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Fees and Payments Policy


Q. Who decides the price of the product?


A. As a seller, you will set the price of your products.


Q. What are the fees charged?


A. The following deductions are made from the order item value:

  • Commission fee:​​ A percentage of the order item value vary based on vertical/sub-category 

  • Shipping fee:​​ Calculated on the basis of the product weight, shipping location from seller location to our warehouse

  • GST:​​ No GST will be applicable as you are selling goods/services outside the territory of India


Q. What is​​ the​​ Commission fee and how much commission is charged?


A. Commission fee is a certain percentage of the order item value of your product. It differs across categories and vertical/sub-categories.

Please give an example to show the cost calculation.

Here’s an easy example, which illustrates a sample the above calculation:


AMOUNT (Euro/USD or Any other currency)

Selling Price (decided by you)


Commission Fee

(varies across sub-categories/verticals)



Shipping Fee

(Local shipping from your address to our warehouse) ​​ Additional charges will be applicable in case product weight is more than​​ 2​​ KG

Total Marketplace Fee


Total deductions


Settlement Value (Amount credited to you)


Q.​​ How and when do I get paid?


A.​​ All payments are made through online banking. The payment is made directly to your bank account within the next 7-15 business days from the date of order dispatch.​​ 

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