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Seller Protection Policy


Seller Protection Policy

IndiaTradeFair‘s​​ Seller Protection can offer a little extra peace of mind to eligible sellers. When you qualify,​​ IndiaTradeFair​​ will work with you to resolve cases, investigate chargebacks, and help you deal with any other issues that come up with your​​ IndiaTradeFair​​ shop. This Seller Protection Policy explains the steps you must take to be eligible for Seller Protection and the types of items and transactions that may be covered.

This policy is a part of our Terms of Use. To qualify for Seller Protection coverage, you agree to this policy and our Terms of Use.


  • Seller Eligibility Requirements

  • Order Eligibility Requirements

  • Items and Transactions Not Eligible

  • Seller Protection Benefits

1. Seller Eligibility Requirements

Eligible sellers are automatically enrolled in Seller Protection — there is no application process. Here’s what you need to do to make sure your shop is covered:

A. Keep your shop in good standing (that means you’re not violating any​​ of IndiaTradeFair’s​​ policies).

B. Fill out all of your Shop Policies (it’s especially important to have policies for returns, exchanges, and custom orders). Your Shop Policies have to comply with​​ IndiaTradeFair​​ ‘s​​ policies.

D. Use accurate photographs and descriptions when you list items.

E. Cooperate with investigations conducted by​​ IndiaTradeFair. Promptly provide any information requested by​​ IndiaTradeFair, and cancel and refund any transactions deemed invalid or unauthorised by​​ IndiaTradeFair.


2. Order Eligibility Requirements


Follow these steps to make sure your orders are covered by​​ IndiaTradeFair​​ ‘s​​ Seller Protection:


A. Dispatch your order according to the processing time or dispatch-by date you listed or as agreed upon through​​ IndiaTradeFair​​ Messages.

B. Mark the order as dispatched after you send it out.​​ 


C. Provide valid proof of dispatch. Valid proof can include a delivery or tracking number that shows the order route and delivery progress.

3. Items and Transactions Not Eligible


While most items and transactions qualify for Seller Protection, there are a few exceptions:


A. Items sold in person.

B. Subscriptions or other transactions in which the buyer submits a single payment​​ 

for recurring deliveries (like item-of-the-month clubs).

C. Transactions processed through standalone PayPal or a personal check.

D. Any order or transaction that is fulfilled by the seller despite notice from​​ IndiaTradeFair​​ that the order or transaction in question is invalid, fraudulent, or under investigation.


4. Seller Protection Benefits


If your shop and the order in question satisfy the eligibility requirements,​​ IndiaTradeFair​​ will try to help you resolve Non-Delivery cases, Not as Described cases, and chargebacks. We may have to request additional information or assistance from you. For Non-Delivery or Not as Described cases, we’ll need you to respond to our inquiries within 3​​ business​​ days or the time frame noted by​​ IndiaTradeFair​​ in the case. If a chargeback is filed against you, we’ll need you to respond to any enquiries within 3 calendar days or the time frame indicated by​​ IndiaTradeFair. If you don’t give us the necessary information in time, we may not be able to help resolve the​​ dispute. Please keep in mind that we can’t guarantee a resolution in your favour.


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